Welcome To Lokshakti Samajsevi Sanstha Chhattisgarh
Welcome To Lokshakti Samajsevi Sanstha Chhattisgarh
  • Welcome To Lokshakti Samajsevi Sanstha Chhattisgarh
  • Welcome To Lokshakti Samajsevi Sanstha Chhattisgarh
  • Welcome To Lokshakti Samajsevi Sanstha Chhattisgarh
  • Welcome To Lokshakti Samajsevi Sanstha Chhattisgarh

Our Mission

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Our Vision

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Our Objectives

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Programme: Find Your Feet (JOHAR PROJECT)

Program Description & Activities :

The main focuses of this program are strengthening SHGs and other CBOs, women empowerment, livelihood promotion and right based advocacy. The detail program activities are as follows:

Awareness Camps :

Camp was organized in Manpur Block at the Panchayat Bhawan, Near Market Place, on 28th June 2014, in which 30 people participated. The main purpose of this mobilization camp was to bring awareness among the tribal for the government schemes don't reach to them and how their lives are affected. Another purpose was to strengthen define their capacity in making these schemes accessible to the needy and poor people. Apart from this, information was provided to them on special provisions/schemes of government for the tribal area.

Self-Help Groups Network :

During the reporting period total 50 numbers of SHGs have been formed with 500 members all together in 30 targeted villages. All the SHGs are being sensitised and capacitated on their role and responsibility for their active particpation, group management, book keeping and made them aware on MGNREGA, ICDS, IAY, NRLM, RSVY and JSY. All these SHGs are conducting regular monthly meeeting. 20 of the SHGs are maintaining their record by their own and 3 SHGs have started IGA programme by themselves also. Out of these three SHGSs, one is involved in doing the renting the equipments, other is engaged in trading of groceries and the third is engaged in the vegetable business. They have plans to link their SHGs with the bank in future as well for strengthening their income generating activities. These groups are in contact with our project team and they discuss on the various topics like the girl’s education, government public schemes, safe drinking water, SHG member’s participation in the Gram Sabha etc.

Training of SHG/CBO :

Two days training was being provided to 30 SHG members (all women members) at Gondwana Bhawan, Manpur on 2nd and 3rd Sept 2014. The main purpose of this training was to strengthen people for various livelihood activities potentials. In the training, the resource person discussed on the various topics and group discussion on the different SHGs and their intervention and strategies at the field level, Group Governance/Group Dynamics, record Keeping, Bank Loan System, saving/credit system, Budgeting, Co-ordination and management, etc. The resource person also discussed on the aims and objectives of the SHG/CBO formation; he also provided the further information on the process of inter-bank linkage of SHGs.

IEC Materials :

The 250 units of IEC materials on six government public Schemes (MGNREGA, ICDS, IAY, NRLM, RSVY and JSY) have been printed on Decemeber 2014 and shared with TRF, Panchayat Leader, CBOs and SHGs through PIC centre. The TRF and project staff made a clarity on different government schemes and programs. These IEC materials are being used during the meetings of SHGs/CBOs to properly guide them to avail various schemes/provisions.

Public Information Centres at PRI Level :

The Public Information Centre has been established at Phoolkohodon village on 23rd August 2014. The Centre have been inaugurated by Mr. Rupchand Amila, Sarpanch. Around 40 community members participated in the program. People do now feel easy to access the PIC and submit applications, petitions to access different government provisions.

CBOs Formation :

During the year, 30 CBOs have been formed in 30 targeted villages with 608 members. The main purpose of forming these CBOs is that they can raise the problems of their respective villages at the block, district and state levels and advocate for their rights. The CBO’s members were capacitated on their roles and responsibilities, leadership skill development; also oriented on 6 government schemes and advocacy approaches.

Tribal Rights Forums :

30 CBOs have been formed in the project area including 608 members and out of this 15 members have been selected as members of Tribal Rights Forum (TRF).

Training of CBO/TRF :

During the year 2 trainings were organized in which 50 CBO/TRF members participated and trained on power of unity to access different government schemes. Another training was organized in the project area through which 20 CBO members were acquainted with lobbying and advocacy procedures at government offices.

Support the TRFs to monitor implementation of public services through social audits and public hearings :

Public Hearing programme was conducted on 22nd December 2014 at Hotel Venkatesh International, Phool Chowch, Raipur. In this programme Mr.Subhas Mishra , Additional commissionor of Rural Development, Raipur was the resource person of the programme and received 20 applications from STRF.

Promote community participation in village planning, budgeting and implementation through the Gram Sabhas :

During the year CBO members and other community members were promoted to attend the Gram Sabha and participate in village planning, budgeting and implementation of various schemes. During this reporting period 29 Gramsabha has been conducted at our targeted village area where 142 CBO members had active participation; also Gram Sabha secretaries have started presenting the plans, budgets and implementations in the gramsabhas.

Training of PRI representatives and local government officials on their role in implementing public services :

Organized 2 trainings through which PRI representatives and local government officials were strengthened on their roles in implementing public services and programs/activities were organized for rapport building with State Authorities.

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